We are a biomedical and single-cell genomics lab in the biomedical engineering department of Cornell University (Ithaca, NY). Our mission is to develop genomics-based medicine technologies to study and diagnose infectious and immune related disease in humans. Our research brings approaches from biophysics and genomics to biomedicine.

We pursue research in two areas: i) Liquid biopsies for infectious and immune-mediated disease: We investigate technologies and applications of circulating cell-free DNA in diagnostic medicine. We have developed molecular assays to obtain rich, sequence information from cell-free DNA in blood and urine, and computational methods to classify infectious and immune-mediated disease from cell-free DNA sequencing data. We have demonstrated applications of these technologies in the monitoring of infection, host tissue injury due to infection, solid-organ transplant rejection, and graft-versus-host disease. ii) Digital spatial profiling of microbiomes and infection in complex tissues: We investigate single-cell and spatial sequencing technologies, including technologies developed in-house, to study infection in native, complex tissues and to spatially profile host-microbiome interactions.

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